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Most innovative and fastest-growing photography company in the United States.

Here’s a new picture of your life with a Phoenix Photography franchise!

Are you ready to enjoy your work again? Are you a people person? Tired of having your next paycheck, the way you work, or even the very existence of your job controlled by someone else? Or maybe you've dreamed of starting your own business and being your own boss but felt like the timing or financial backing was out of reach.

Phoenix Photography offers a fresh concept, in-house financing, and strong corporate support to help you take back control of your work life and make your life work for you.

With Phoenix Photography, you can take the leap into entrepreneurship with the safety net of world-class photographers and editors backing your every move.




Product: With our setup, style, printers, and graphic designers, your customers will know they are getting the best quality product with unparalleled speed.

Digital Marketing Campaigns: With a combination of Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and national PR, we’ve got you covered on the web.

Excellent Corporate Support: You want proof? Hear it from our franchisees with testimonials on our website.

Extremely Quick Startup: We’ll have you ready to start snapping photos and generating revenue within 60 days.

Incredibly Minimal Overhead: Think photo paper, ink and time . . . that’s your overhead for most events.

Community Support: With over $40 thousand donated back yearly, our communities have embraced us as a great fundraising tool for any event.


“I always did photography as my personal hobby. My passion for capturing moments and scenes has always driven me to hone my skills, but it wasn’t until I found Phoenix Photography franchising, that I realized that the skills I developed through a hobby have great earning potential. As a veteran leaving the Air Force, what’s going to happen next is always a key concern. Phoenix Photography allowed me the comfort of knowing I would still be providing for my family once I stepped away from the military. ”—Wesley Drope, Phoenix Photography of Tucson

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